David Beckham talks about sacrifices to live your dreams
3 months ago 64 Kakashi

David Beckham talks about sacrifices and how to live your dreams

David Beckham has revealed some advice he tells his children and reminds them that their focus needs to be different from that of their friends.

David Beckham GQ man of the year has revealed that he tells his children that sometimes when making their choices that some choices will mean that they will have to give other things up.

He tells his four children 20 year old son Brooklyn, 16 year old son Romeo, 14 year old son Cruz, and 8 year old daughter Harper that if their friends go out for a Friday night does not necessarily mean that they can go out as they may have practice or singing in a studio or going for a photographic shoot the next day and there focus needs to be on that.


The former footballer played for Manchester United, Real Madrid FC, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, he then became an ambassador in 2005 for UNICEF UK and had launched his own football team in 2014(Inter Miami CF) and has been captured in many photos for example on a magazine looking like James Bond in a tuxedo on a speed boat.


Beckham has said that all he ever wanted was to be a successful as a footballer (he also did other things outside of football), Beckham goes on to say that what he did is seen as acceptable but when he was playing for Manchester United his focus was just to become a successful footballer and win trophies, he states that anything extra was just a bonus. 

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