Boris Johnson to seek 14 October election if rebels succeed
3 months ago 66 Ryan

Boris Johnson is seeking to hold an Election on the 14th of October!

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson will seek to hold a General Election on the 14th of October 2019 if the Parliament votes to hand control of the legislative timetable to the opposition (in which is the Labour Party) on Tuesday.  

He has said that Conservative MP rebels will be deselected if they go against the Government. 

Boris Johnson has also refused to ask Brussels (European Union) for a delay to Brexit, he has a strong vision to deliver on Brexit on October 31st, 2019 'no if's or butts'.

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has insisted that he is ready for a General Election. He also said that Labour "will not have Boris Johnson dictate the terms of an election that crashes this country out with no deal."

Ex-chancellor and Tory rebel Philip Hammond said there is was enough support for the bill to pass.
He goes on to say how the Prime Minister was making 'no progress' on getting a Brexit deal which leads to many to think he wants a 'no-deal' Brexit even though he has mentioned that he is not looking for a 'no-deal' Brexit. 

A lot of the MPs have come together across party political lines in a fresh bid to stop a no-deal Brexit, after Mr Johnson vowed to leave EU with or without a deal on 31st October. This order, if passed forward will force the Prime Minister to delay Brexit until the 31st January 2020, unless the MPs have approved a new deal or voted for no-deal Brexit by 19th October which doesn't seem likely at this rate with many going against 'no-deal'. Brexit. 

Philip Hammond does not support a General Election at this time until the bill to stop a no-deal has been passed and if the MPs voted to block the option of No-Deal would "plainly chop the legs out from under UK position". 

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