Kevin Hart gets in major car crash
3 months ago 75 NugMag

Kevin Hart suffering from major back injuries after a car crash

Kevin Hart and 2 others were stuck in a major car accident during a drive in Malibu, California.

The driver was a man named Jared Black, the other passenger being Rebecca Broxterman.

Hart was in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which he called "Menace," when the car rolled into a ditch at approximately 12:45 am PDT.

This car was bought by Hart in July as his "40th birthday gift to himself."


Hart is reported to have a major back injury, he is currently being treated at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Northridge, California.

Jared also is reported to have a major back injury, but Rebecca was reported with only minor injuries.

According to police, the driver had not been drinking at the time of the accident.

Hart got out of the car and was picked up in an SUV by one of the members of his security team to seek medical attention.

While Jared and Rebecca were trapped inside the car until help arrived.

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