Joe Keery releases a new song
3 months ago 82 Henry

Stranger Songs

Joe Keery, also known as Steve Harrington, from Stranger Things, has released a new song called ‘Mortal Projections’ under the name of Djo.

Along with that he also announced a new album called ‘Twenty Twenty’, and is set to come out on the 13th September.

There is also going to be a couple of shows on the 27th & 28th September, in Los Angeles.

He originally started releasing songs in July and has slowly been sharing songs over the summer.

Keery was also in a band called ‘Chicago Psych’, but left before their debut record was released in 2018.


Keery also isn’t the only Stranger Things member to start a music career.

No other than Maya Hawke, or ‘Robin’, has started their career in music.

Steve and Robin were arguably the closest friendship in Season 3, maybe grounds to do a collaboration.

Although their music styles are very different.

Maya Hawke’s breakout role in Stranger Things kick-started her career, both in acting and music.

She has already released two debut singles, ‘To Love a Boy’, and ‘Stay Open’.

Her songs are often relaxing with a dreamy voice, while Keery’s music is often more synthy.

Along with these two, more of the cast have started their career in music already.

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