Ed Sheeran takes break from music career
3 months ago 86 Leah

Singer & Song-Writer, Ed Sheeran, taking a break to have kids?

Ed Sheeran, singer & song-writer just dropped shocking news that he's planning on 'slowing' his music career down, in order to possibly have children.

This means he will be 'semi-retiring' for a bit, to start a family with new wife Cherry Seaborn.

Fans are worried that this is the end of Ed Sheeran, however, people think differently.

Those close to him and in his team know there are many more huge projects to come for him, including new songs and big, big tours.

He also isn't the one to take long holidays, which relieved some fans.


The singer, of course, got a bit teary when making this announcement at Chantry Park, which is in Ipswich.

This news came after the end of his two years 'Divide' Tour.

He mentioned how his last gig he'd play for another 18 months, was at Chantry Park, Ipswich.

Fans there got emotional too.

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