The gay gene doesn't exist?
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The "gay gene" doesn't exist?

Over time, many arguments have been presented for where homosexuality originates from.

One of which is the supposed "gay gene".

This claims that you are born homosexual due to genes and a chemical imbalance.

This has recently been proved false and put down.

From information collected from "BioBanks", it has been seen that there is only a 25% common genetic variant in homosexual people compared to heterosexual people.

This does not account for enough for it to be considered a genetic mutation or disorder.

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The 25% is accounted for minor sexual hormone imbalance and also on the sense of smell.

In the bigger picture, this only accounts for 1% of all your genes, which again is not enough to be considered definite proof!

A genetics scientist said that however much it may not depend on one gene, this does not mean we can completely rule out some sort of genetic connection as it is "impossible to predict". 

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Despite being no specific gay gene, it has not been completely ruled out that genes may have something to do with sexuality.

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