Facebook tightens rules amid election!
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Facebook imposes tighter restrictions on political advertising.

In 2016, we had one of the most discussed and influenced elections of our time, but how did this happen? Accusations have been thrown around for a while now, some blaming the Russians, some blaming the Trump Administration and some blaming Facebook.

It was discovered by the BBC show Panorama that a company called "Cambridge Analytica", which promoted ads for political parties, some unbeknown to the party. Amid the highly anticipated 2020 US Presidential Elections, Facebook wishes to ensure that its platform is not exploited and have installed multiple measures to enforce this idea.

The company wants to stop organisations influencing elections

Political advertisers now need proof that their company is;

- Working for whoever they are advertising,

- They are a confirmed organisation

Advertising political parties may not sound bad in themselves, but when the ads are misleading and manipulative, that is where the problem lies. Most of the political party ads promoted by third party companies were found to be misleading people with false facts or not entirely true information.

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The new restrictions should allow for a more fair and honest election in 2020 as to not mislead or harm the voter's opinions with not entirely facts.

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