Pinterest to publicate vaccines!
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Pinterest goes against the rise in Youth Un-vaccinations

Online, there has been a widespread phenomenon going around about "Vaccine Misinformation". This misinformation is causing fewer and fewer people getting their children vaccinated, leaving them prone to deadly diseases such as Polio, Tetanus, and Meningitis. Companies such as Facebook are working to tackle this form of supposed "brainwashing", however, Pinterest has another idea they wish to put forward.

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In response to this, Pinterest has released a statement claiming they will now push health websites with verified facts if people search for "Vaccinations". More specifically, they will be directed to "Public Health Organisations".

This is in light of the recent news that the UK has lost its measles free status. This means that currently in the UK, measles has been detected and is at risk of spreading. This may not seem like too bad of an issue at the moment, but with rising numbers of unvaccinated children, it could be deadly. This could be a problem not only for the UK but other countries too.

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Anti-Vaxx parents each have their reasons. Some are scientifically valid however some are just speculation or rumours which get put in the limelight. This one minor step by Pinterest may hopefully inspire other companies to follow in their footsteps.

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