Lady Gaga working on new music with her boyfriend
4 months ago 79 Leah

Lady Gaga is making some more music!

Lady Gaga has reportedly been mastering some music at home in her studio with boyfriend Dan Horton.

Gaga has been dating Dan since May, shortly following her break up with former fiancé Christian Carino, which occurred in February.

Dan and Gaga are reported to be working 'closely' on the pop star's new songs at her very own home in the Hollywood Hills property, which was owned by late artist Frank Zappa.


Dan hasn't officially moved in with Gaga, but the pair do spend a lot of time with each other.

Dan also spends quite a lot of time at Gaga's home, reports say. 

Gaga, despite being busy, has seemed a lot happier according to her team.

So obviously, Dan and Gaga go well together. 

A few close friends of Gaga say that she has completely forgotten about her split with Christian, and is living a more positive life.

She also managed to escape to Mexico with friends twice just to get out of Los Angeles.

She just used to seem tired and gloomy all the time. 

However, Gaga is planning to take things slow with Dan, who has worked with multiple artists across the world, only because it's early days into their blossoming relationship. 

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