Apple is set to lose customers
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Apple's newest scandal just gave users a reason to switch phone brands

After this month's Facebook scandal, Apple has followed in its steps, giving 1.4 billion Apple users a reason to switch to Android.

You may ask, why?

Well, we've got the reason for that below!


Last month, The Guardian revealed Apple employed contractors to listen and "grade" Siri (Apple's AI) recordings and the contractors regularly listened to confidential information from iPhone and iPad users, like medical information and drug deals.

An approximate amount of recordings per shift were supposedly more than 1,000 before Apple suspended this practice this week...

Other news outlets report that over 300 employees were fired after The Guardian's report which puts the 1,000 recordings into context.

The employee who was questioned said only Canadian, Australian or UK accents were ever heard with a smaller team examining the Europan accents...


Even though Apple is not alone in having to deal with this scandal, Google, Amazon, and Facebook have also come clean about this.

And the crazy part about all of this?

Well, Apple supposedly promotes its self as "The only tech company you can trust."

If you look at their Privacy Page, it states that they believe privacy is a fundamental human right.

Now consumers are not so sure about that...

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3 months ago
Apart from the fact that it has now stopped. Plus, iOS is still a lot more secure than android. One example could be that more people are on Android, so hackers would mainly attack android, as there would be more victims. Plus, the google store is not monitored, where as to get on the App Store, you have to be verified.