The Matrix 4 finally confirmed!
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A fourth matrix film is on the way?

The Matrix is a movie trilogy based in reality which is similar to our but entirely different in its own aspects. It is based on a world ran off of a sort of system of which every human is connected to. It is filled with hidden agents to keep the system in order. Certain people have the ability to see beyond the forced reality, this is where the storyline originates from.

Since the first Matrix film, theories have speculated about how it is related to out world, and are we all just part of an intricate system made to keep people in line. The Matrix explores many concepts such as deja-vu and time travel, also (but not limited to) theories about alternate realities and simulations.

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Recently, a FOURTH Matrix film has been announced. Many fans are speculating how this is possible due to the dramatic ending at the end of the last Matrix film. The creator of the Matrix has stated they wish to "expand the Matrix universe beyond the view of Neo and other characters"

Die hard fans of the Matrix are worrying this may ruin the ending of the last Matrix film, there was no indication of this film coming out prior to this, so fans worry it is a spare of the moment idea without any thought.

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What are your opinions on the new film? 

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