The lungs of our planet are burning
4 months ago 113 Leah

The Amazon Rainforest has been ABLAZE for THREE weeks!

The Amazon Rainforest as we know is home to around 3 million plants and animals, and it is burning at an alarming rate. 


Most of the fire that has been reported is occurring in the base, which is home to around 3 million plants and animals, and around 1 million people.

Their homes are burning at an alarming rate, and we aren't doing anything about it.

When Notre Dame burnt down, billionaires and news stations all around the world rushed to their aid, to help re-construct the beautiful place, however, when the lungs of our planet, our lifeline is burning, everyone sweeps it under the carpet and doesn't pay any attention to it, which is sickening and shows what the people on our earth are like.

It has been burning for a whopping 3 weeks, and hardly anyone has been notified about it, until this week.

People are blaming this on the climate, but that is simply not the case.

Thick black smoke was also witnessed, however, meteorologists have now confirmed that the black smoke was due to other major fires in Paraguay.

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