Smartphone Shortage in 20 Years
4 months ago 95 Henry

Your Old Devices Contain Precious Elements!

Recently, a problem has been made aware. Your devices use precious elements, that are becoming more and more rare with more and more phones and devices being made. Most phones contain over 70 of the elements found on the periodic table, with a few being naturally occurring.

Most naturally occurring, rare elements, can be found in smartphones. Except for promethium as it is radioactive!

In a survey by the RSC (The Royal Society of Chemistry), they found that 51% of UK households have at least one unused device, while 45% have between 2 and 5. Out of these people 81% had no plans to recycle them.

One person who was interviewed on BBC Radio 2, had 164 smartphones, around 20 laptops, 18 tablets, 3 camcorders, and many more that were not used. Most of these were broken. That's ridiculous!


Rare elements like Indium, Yttrium and Scandium are used to produce screens. Yttrium comes from mining Zinc, but you only get around 3g of Yttrium from 1KG of Zinc!

Estimates suggest that some elements could be gone within 20 years, some under a century, and some more than a century.

Due to people holding on to their phones, laptops and devices, these rare materials are being used too fast. Currently, it is possible to extract the precious materials, but not on a large scale. This does not mean that you shouldn't recycle them. If you are holding onto any old devices, you can always recycle them at your closest tip.

Some people are complaining that they should get money for their devices, and that is possible, as many manufacturers allow you to recycle your phone, and get some money for it.

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