11-Year-Old Violinist covers EDM Classic on 'AGT'
4 months ago 73 Zach

11-Year-Old Violinist Covers EDM Classic on 'AGT'

You might know AGT as America's Got Talent.

It's hard to win, but 11-year-old Tyler Butler-Figueroa went up to the strict judges and played a tremendous act!

In fact, he even got the Golden Buzzer!

It's very interesting how a kid this young was able to play and impress the judges!



Tyler is a violinist who was playing an old EDM classic on a violin at America's Got Talent!

This was a very big opportunity for him.

America's Got Talent is the real big deal out of all the Got Talent shows out there.

The judges are very strict with their opinions.

It's very rare to obtain a Golden Buzzer.

But apparently, Tyler was able to earn it!

What if you were on that stage and got the Golden Buzzer?
How would you feel?

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