KSI vs Logan Paul Rematch Confirmed
4 months ago 272 Liam

It was today LOW-KEY announced that the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch will be going ahead and a date has also been announced

It was the biggest YouTube event of the year in 2018 and possibly the biggest YouTube event in history when KSI and Logan Paul came together in Manchester, UK, for a boxing match.

There were many more YouTube stars who also had boxing matches at the same event including the brothers of KSI and Logan, Jake Paul and Deji.


The official live stream of the event on YouTube reached 5.6 million views, the video later uploaded of the KSI and Logan Paul fight is currently at 16 million views with the video of Jake Paul vs Deji currently at 8.8 million views. These figures show how popular the event was.

With loads of build-up and hype to the event, many were looking forward to seeing who would win the boxing matches and in the end, Jake Paul won his fight against Deji with KSI and Logan Paul's fight ending with a draw. Many fans were happy that this fight ended in a draw and KSI and Logan Paul both immediately after the fight agreed to a rematch.


For almost a year now there has been loads of speculation around when the rematch will be, we can reveal that the rematch date has been announced by Jake Paul in his most recent video as the 9th of November 2019.

Who do you think will win the rematch? Let us know in the comments below!