Taylor Swift launches a new album
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Taylor talks about something borrowed and something blue, will she need something new?

There is nothing left so we can listen to Taylor Swift's new album.

The next August 22 will end the wait and finally, we can enjoy Lover.

Of course, as Swift is good, she wanted to give her fans a final appetizer: the theme that gives the album its name.

Lover has launched this Friday, a very intimate ballad where the singer talks about the feeling of being in love.

He says it in a mature way and valuing the little things that it brings to be with that person: from being as close as possible until the relativity of time goes to the background.

Come on, Taylor perfectly describes those butterflies that come out in the stomach.

It was time for the artist to stop writing about heartbreak, right?

The song has been composed by Swift with the help of Jack Antonoff, who has worked with the artist on several occasions: Sweeter Than Fiction, Out Of The Woods and Look What You Made Me Do.

After hearing this issue, we can intuit that Joe Alwyn, his partner for more than two years, is making him feel good since they started.

In fact, there is a phrase in the song that sums up very well the process that has to happen to meet him and that could have a hidden message: “My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue, all's well that ends well end up with you”

(My heart has been borrowed and yours was blue, but finally, everything went well to kill you).


There are many fans who think that in this sentence of the song is the key that the artist could have committed to the actor.

The reason? In the United States, brides must carry something borrowed and something blue when they arrive at the altar.

Taylor refers to these two things with the metaphor of his heart.

Although Swift has decided to launch the issue this Friday, August 16, 2019.

We will have to wait until the day before the release of the album to enjoy the video clip (where there is surely some more clue about her relationship with Joe).

That is, on August 22.

Lover is the fourth preview of the self-titled album.

The singer has already released Me!, You Need To Calm Down and The Archer.

You can listen to the song here.

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