Russia plane crash after bird strike
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Russian plane crashes after hitting birds 

In Russia, a plane crash-landed in a cornfield after hitting a flock of birds.

In the incident that happened at least 74 people were injured, the plane land with its engines off and the landing gear retracted.

Shortly after the Ural Airlines Airbus 321 took off on course to Simferopol in Crimea, it hit a flock of gulls which disrupted its engines.

On Thursday, the Kremlin hailed the pilots as heroes for landing the plane and saving the lives of the 230 passengers and crew aboard, a spokesperson has said that the pilots will receive state awards soon.

It has been said that the plane is badly damaged (image below) and will never fly again. The plane carrying over 230 passengers when the birds were reportedly sucked into the engines this is when the crew decided to land the plane. 


An Unnamed passenger said that after the plane took off it was shaking violently. The passenger said, "five seconds later the lights on the right side of the plane started flashing and then there was a smell of burning then we landed and everyone ran away".

The air transport agency in Rosaviatsia reported that the plane had landed in a cornfield almost a kilometre away from the Zhukovsky International Airports runway with its engines off and landing gear retracted._108321695_russia_plane_640-nc.png 

All passengers were evacuated and Director General of the Ural Airlines, Kirill Skuratov, told the news agency if the passengers wanted to continue with their flight they were put on alternative flights. 74 of the passengers sought medical treatment, nineteen children were reported to be injured by Russia's emergencies ministry and according to Russia media reports, only one passenger remains in hospital.

Russian media compared this incident to the 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 which landed in the Hudson River shortly after the plane took off (which is what the film 'Sully' is based off).planeinwatertugs600x300.jpg

It is a very common occurrence in aviation where collisions between birds planes happen but with thousands of cases reported every year, the collision rarely causes damage to an aircraft.

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