Ariana Grande new single at number ONE on top charts!
4 months ago 88 Zach

Ariana Grande and social house hit already number 1!

Ariana Grande and Social house are both very famous in their singing. They released a new hit single called “boyfriend”, 13 days ago (August 1, 2019), and it is already at number 1!


This song is based on Ariana’s previous breakups with her boyfriends. Such as Pete Davidson and Mac Miller. The meaning of the song leading up to the conflict of building a relationship. Ariana also thinks that this is the first album and year she can no longer put off spending time with herself. If you want the rest of the meaning, you can go to this YouTube video.

It's bizarre how a song made about 2 weeks ago can already be at top number ONE and this is a tribute to the great work by Ariana Grande and Social House!

You can now listen to the song on YouTube, Deezer, Spotify and more! You can also listen to the song here.

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I love ari so