British Scientist crushed to death
4 months ago 91 Logan

British Scientist crushed to death

A British scientist could have been crushed to death by a boulder after she falls down a 65-foot ravine.

It has been believed that the 34-year-old scientist, Dr. Natalie Christopher has been crushed to death by a boulder while she was running along a rocky path on the Greek Island of Ikaria when she tripped and fell. 

She went missing while on holiday with her Cypriot partner, aged 38.

He alerted the police after Natalie didn't return home or answer her phone.

He said that she had told him: "I can't go fast, I'll go slowly, don't worry."

Police tracked her phone turned on more than a day after she went missing.


It is thought that this could have been the scientist trying to call for help before losing her life.

The police deployed helicopters to find Dr. Christopher and made the discovery of a body in a ravine today.

The Greek Authorities said they found blood on her hotel bed, which were apparently used by the couple.

The owner said the blood drops were "typical of a nosebleed", according to local media.

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4 months ago
i find it more saddening that it looks like she's having the time of her life in these photos.