Mexican Mint robbed in 10 minutes
4 months ago 84 Yovanny

Mexican Mint robbed in 10 minutes

The latest details of the case reinforce the theory that several agency workers collaborated with the assailants

The complete sequence of this perfect robbery was clearly documented by the security cameras in the area.

At 9:40 in the morning, at number 297 of Paseo de la Reforma, the heart of the capital's financial district, three young people (between 25 and 30 years old) enter the Mint of Mexico City on an open face.

One of them wears a grey sweater, behind him, comes another guy with a dark coat, a cap that partially covers his face and a little pin in his ear, with which he allegedly had communicated with his teammates.

Finally, a third young man with a white sweater and a backpack is back, which he would have used to extract the precious booty.

As can be seen from the sequence, the young people manage to disarm first the agent who guarded the access, then threatened five workers of the Mint (two men and three women).

The images also show how the young man who dresses in white goes directly to one of the armored vaults that, curiously, was wide open despite keeping thousands of gold pieces known as 'centenarians' inside.

In just 10 minutes, at 9:50, the three young people leave the interior of the Mint with apparent tranquility to escape in a vehicle in which they were waiting for two other accomplices, who have not been identified.

Without making a single shot, the five assailants fled with 1,567 'centenarians', the estimated value exceeds two million euros, in addition to several collection watches.



The police arrived at the scene several minutes after the robbery, as the workers did not alert what happened until the assailants left the Mint.

Speaking to the media, the Secretary of Security of the capital, Jesús Orta, has revealed that they already have the identification of the three attackers and that "they continue inside Mexico City," although he has avoided giving their names to "no hinder the search."

Efforts are now focused on trying to determine their probable escape route, but also on identifying possible accomplices that would be among the workers of the Mint.

So far, there are eight employees who have been taken into custody for questioning.

According to Jesús Orta, Secretary of Security of the capital said after reviewing the images, two important flaws of the protocol were detected:

"The one that has been very easily put in, since the establishment was not yet open.

Second: They go to a vault that was open and that is what allows this at the end of the day to do this very easily and with a very short time."

Two of the detained workers would have gone to breakfast at the time of the robbery, even though they were forbidden to leave at that time in the morning, shortly before the establishment opened.

The two custodians who normally protect the vault and who, on this occasion, left it open are also being interrogated.

In addition, there are four other employees whose erratic conduct has raised the suspicions of the authorities.

While the police expand the deployment to try to catch these young white-gloved robbers, on the Paseo de la Reforma, life returns to normal.

Among the usual office workers and tourists who walk it dozens of curious people who have not been able to avoid getting close to the Mint where, a robbery, has brought to the memory of many fictions that the successful series 'Money Heist', (whose advertising adorns several posters of this important street), led to television.

Do you think the theft looks like Money heist?