Mass amounts of fish DEAD in the River Sheppey
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MASS Amounts of fish found dead in the river Sheppey

The River Sheppey is located in Somerset and the most recent victim of environmental pollution.
The main part of the river affected is a 9.3 mile stretch of water near Godney.
How will this affect the environment around the river?

The situation is currently being handled by The Environment Agency.
In the main stretch of the river, there is said to be 3000 fish dead.
The types of fish range from Trout to Bullheads.
Other things found to be dead in the river include Invertebrates and Insects.


As many know, the common theory of the food chain may affect nearby wildlife drastically.
Without certain types of animals being able to feed on the Insects and Fish, it may cause more a problem than just the river, we are talking about a possible environmental emergency.

Steps are being taken by the Environmental Agency to attempt to stop the mass amount of animal deaths.
One way is to use a device called a "Floball" to attempt to oxygenate the water to help the alive fish and species of animals.

Alongside this, they are also pumping Hydrogen Peroxide into the water in an attempt to raise oxygen levels.

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The Environmental Agency claims;
"The pollution has been tracked to a probable source and we are attempting to protect the lower end of the River Sheppey / River Brue."
The work has been continued since the early hours of Saturday.
There is not an end date in sight for the works.

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