Tests take place on crumbling concrete on A53 flyover
4 months ago 159 Logan

Tests will take place on the crumbling concrete on the a53

Samples are being taken to find out why reinforced concrete on the A53 at Etruria is crumbling.

The road has now been closed for more than 3 weeks after what people thought was a pothole revealed big issues around a bridge joint.


A council spokesman who works for the city has said:

"We thank motorists for their continued patience while we work to get the flyover reopened as quickly as possible.

We're pleased to say that weather permitting we will complete a 'principal inspection' of the entire bridge by the end of the day. This has involved close inspection of every detail of the structure. These are programmed every six years with the next one in 2020, but we have used this opportunity to bring it forward so next year's planned closure should not be needed which is some good news. 

We are set to appoint a contractor to test the concrete deck and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Taking the samples is a fairly quick process which can take up to two weeks."

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