YouTube star, Grant Thompson. Dies
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YouTube Star Grant Thompson Dies.

Grant Thompson, a famous YouTuber,  has died at the age of 38. Grant Thompson was the host of a popular YouTube channel named The King Of Random.

Grant died during a freak accident relating to a paragliding incident.


Around 8:30 in Washington County the authorities reported to a call of an overdue pilot after someone tried to call him, according to a Facebook post. Around 9:00 authorities found Mr Thompson’s coordinates and retrieved his body. Later, police confirmed that the body was Mr Thompson’s. The body was sent to the medical examiner to determine the cause of death.

Mr Thompson's family posted about his death on his Instagram page. 

The police have recovered the paragliding equipment which included a video recorder. 

Rest In Peace Grant Thompson. 
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4 months ago
I hope he will have a great life in heaven. (Pays Respect)
4 months ago
RIP to a true legend, he will be missed by many and I hope the family continue his legacy and keep doing awesome and very random science things. Whoever reacted to this post with a laughing emoji really needs to think about what they're doing with their life. This isn't a joke and is someone that was loved by many, someone that was very respectable and someone that will never, ever be forgotten.