No-deal Brexit: What is direct rule in Northern Ireland?
4 months ago 83 Leah

No-deal Brexit: what is direct rule in Northen Ireland?

A no-deal Brexit could result in politicians in London potentially being able to take
control of Northern Ireland. As of now, Northern Ireland hasn't been directly ruled from Westminster for over a decade. So that leaves people with bubbling questions, what happens next? Can the politicians actually do anything?


     Boris Johnson, the UK's new Prime-Minister mentioned that the UK would be departing from the EU on 31st October, regardless of a deal or a no-deal. There have been multiple warnings that a no-deal Brexit could be harmful/have major consequences for Northern Ireland.


 People have been asking, well how would this work?

It can only be implemented if the UK government agrees to pass a new law through Parliament. All power that Northern Ireland originally had, would be handed back to the Ministers in London. Decisions on big issues such as the NHS, Education, and Policing. Any new laws that are enforced or relating to Northern Ireland would have to be approved by Boris Johnson's cabinet, which would also pass through UK Parliament too.