Human remains found while searching for missing Wisconsin brothers
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Remains of hitman found while searching for missing brothers!

BRAYMER, Mo. - Human remains have been found however not recognized right now in the quest for two missing Wisconsin siblings.

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     The remaining parts were found Tuesday at a Braymer, Missouri, ranch where Nick and Justin Diemel were last known to be, Clinton Area Sheriff Larry Fish said. On Wednesday, he said authorities are sitting tight for DNA testing to affirm the personalities of the remaining parts. He would not remark on the condition the remaining parts were found in.

    The Diemel siblings have been absent for a week and a half. They vanished while visiting ranches in Clinton and Caldwell regions, north of the metro. Lisa Diemel, Nick Diemel's significant other, said she previously acknowledged something wasn't right when they failed to catch their plane out of Kansas City on July 21. They had chatted on the telephone only that morning. 

   Soon thereafter, delegates found the siblings' rental truck in a parking garage in Holt, Missouri. Proof from the truck and reconnaissance cameras showed a rancher, Laurel "Joey" Nelson, drove the truck from his property in Braymer to the part, which he later admitted to. Nelson was captured and accused of altering a vehicle, a crime. This isn't the first occasion when he has invested energy in prison, serving a jail sentence beginning in 2016 for dairy cattle extortion. 

   The instance of the missing siblings transformed into a passing examination. Barely any subtleties, other than the length of the hunt and the force of the examination, have shown the purpose behind the change.