10 Year Old Crashes Mum's SUV!
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10 year old crashes mum's suv while attempting to go to McDonald's!


  Police in Kansas City, MO revealed a ten year old young lady was driving an SUV and crashed. She was sent to the clinic Wednesday morning after she stole her mother's vehicle and ran into a small scale van and electrical box while attempting to go to McDonald's. 


    Officials were called to the scene around 7:45AM to the twofold vehicle wreck and were crazed to hear that one of the drivers was in fact a 10 year old female. KCPD discovered that the young lady woke up early Wednesday morning and she wanted to get McDonald's herself. Her mum was all the while dozing and the girl did not have any desire to wake her, so she brought matters into her own hands. The young lady traveled two or three miles before getting lost. She endeavored to turn at the road she found, however as she was an unlicensed ten year old, she neglected to respect the driver that was originating from the contrary way. 

Police said the two vehicles were seriously harmed. The young lady was taken to the close-by Emergency clinic with minor wounds and the other driver was not injured. 

Cops said the young lady did not make it to McDonald's.

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Children these days
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this is honestly me
4 months ago
could of at least learned how to drive before she went to order 20 mcnuggets!