Ryanair CEO Warns of 1500 Jobs To Be Lost
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1500 Jobs at Ryanair could be at risk after leaked video of CEO.

Today, Michael O'Leary, the CEO of Ryanair warned that 1,500 jobs at Ryanair could be at risk amidst the Boeing 737 MAX issues. 

Ryanair reportedly has an excess of 500 pilots and 400 crew. The airline will need about 600 fewer staff than predicted between now and summer 2020. 


There has been a 19% drop in first-quarter profit at Ryanair, over the same period in 2018, and an increase of 21% in staff costs, where O'Leary has stated that the renegotiation for crew last year reduced their staff turnover rate to "practically zero".

The slump in profit for Ryanair, and other European Airlines, could be blamed by the increase of 24% in fuel costs.

Ryanair has grown physically in the last year, increasing their traffic growth to 11%, a growth to 42 million passengers, 239 new routes and four new bases. - Ryanair's pilots are currently trying to strike and would create concern among passengers for summer delays.
In June 2018, "we cancelled over 1,1000 flights due to ATC strikes but this was reduced to just 20 cancellations in June 2019, all of which were due to ATC staff shortage delays."
"Regrettably, ATC staffing delays continue to damage the punctuality of all EU Airlines, particularly at weekends."

The proposed staff cuts would take place at the end of September, and again in the New Year.
The pilots in Britain and Ireland of Ryanair are holding a ballot over potential industrial action to the issue, and union officials said that Michael O'Leary was trying to deter them from voting to strike.
The agency used to hire pilots for Ryanair was still advertising for flight staff earlier this month, and the airline has recently launched a new pilot training program in Central Europe.

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