Father drowns after rescuing his son from ocean in Atlantic City
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    A father has passed away after attempting to rescue his child at a near beach in Atlantic City on Monday, officials have mentioned.

   Atlantic City Shoreline Watch Kind Association detailed the episode that happened not long after 9:30 a.m. EDT, and Shoreline Watch was not an obligation yet.

Beach Access

    Crisis faculty members reacted to the shoreline at New Jersey Road where the youngster, who is 11 years of age, effectively made it to shore with no problems, The Press of Atlantic City announced.

    Tip411 reports a previous cop, Jim Glorioso Jr., saw the dad battling in the sea. Glorioso got in the water with a boogie board and found the man after he had been submerged and struggled to pull him on the boogie board. The two men were helped to shore, yet the dad was lethargic. Firemen promptly started doing mouth to mouth. The dad and the child were moved to the AtlantiCare Local Medical Center, City Division, where the dad passed away shortly after.

This has happened before, as two other parents took on the waves to rescue their children. A Durham father likewise passed in mid-July while attempting to protect his kids from harsh water in Wrightsville Shoreline, North Carolina. As indicated by WFMY News, the dad outlined for individuals "Disregard Me. Get My Children." A Tennessee dad passed away in July while safeguarding his three girls who were caught in a riptide on the Florida coast. The three girls were spared, yet the dad lost awareness after the salvage, Fox News announced.

These parents are courageous heroes. Give your condolences in the comments below. Rest in peace!