Notre Dame Cathedral Could Collapse... Again!
4 months ago 137 Charlie

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France
had its roof burnt down earlier this year.

Architects involved with the rebuilding and re-supporting of the iconic cathedral have said that they have worries that the vaults of the cathedral may cave in due to the heatwave that is currently wiping its way across Europe. 

The record heatwave, with temperatures reaching record highs of 42°C (107.6°F) in Paris, the capital, and 20 other departments in northern France, has caused many areas to be placed on high alert. 

It has been three months since the devastating fire in April causing engineers and architects to work on fortifying the building since a large part of the roof and the spire of the cathedral was destroyed, Philippe Villeneuve, the Chief Architect, has said that he is concerned about the stability of the vaults:

"My worry is that the masonry joints, by dint of drying, will lose their coherence, their cohesion, and their structural integrity, and paf!, the vaults may fall".

A2D2RFA.jpgWhen the cathedral was on fire, the firefighters tackling it were trying to extinguish the flames that covered the entire building with loads of water, which means that the stone walls have been saturated with water, which with these record temperatures, will make the walls dry too fast, making the structure very fragile and brittle.

"Quick drying leads to rapid crystallization of salts dissolved in the water and trapped in the walls. As these salts crystallize they expand, eroding the mortar and stones of the walls and vaults. This unprecedented heatwave is expected to accelerate this process causing the cracking of the vaults before their temporary consolidation is complete."

Emmanuel Macron, France's President wants to Notre Dame to be rebuilt within five years (2024). 

Debates in France have arisen as to whether the historic monument should be rebuilt exactly as it was in its former glory and whether to rebuild the spire as it was first designed by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th Century, however, Macron states that the cathedral would be rebuilt "even more beautiful than before!"

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