Ariana Grande speaks out about being harrassed
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What has happened with Ariana?

Ariana Grande a famous singer/songwriter has come out about a recent issue where a photographer of hers was extensively charged with sexual misconduct, but why?

A model in Los Angeles, named Sunnaya had shared screenshots of direct messages sent by a man named Marcus Hyde, who is currently 33 years old.

It has been said that Marcus allegedly asked her for a naked photo, this was in return for a free photoshoot which would range in prices around $2000 which in GBP is around £1,600.

Ariana did not publicly direct the scandal.

She had shared a post on her own story account which had advised other models that they do not have to tolerate similar behaviour.  

Photographer Hyde is yet to speak out about this whole ordeal but after hearing it go on, Hyde set his Instagram account to private.

From here on we have no more information but we are expecting something from Hyde so wait around for that.

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