Could Drayton Manor face charges?
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Drayton manor could face charges 2 years on after the splash canyon incident

Some background to this article: 

Back in 2017, an 11-year-old girl named Evha Jannath fell out of the rapid ride Splash Canyon at Drayton Manor in Tamworth UK and died shortly after arriving at the hospital. 


The Health and Safety Executives (we will refer to as HSE) closed the ride whilst the investigations are ongoing.

What do we know?

The inquest to Evha's death is due to take place in November and that the ride has remained shut since the incident has occurred. 

HSE has not yet made a decision whether a prosecution can be brought.

Helen Wood from the HSE said;

"That decision is yet to be made. We will now seek to make a decision on prosecution in advance of the inquest in November, but the inquest need not wait for that decision in any event."

At the pre-inquest case in court, the Assistant Coroner said that the full inquest will take place in November.

Jurors from the inquests are set to watch CCTV footage of the event taking place and expert reports on the ride mechanics, signage, human behaviour and the video footage itself. 

There are also accounts from the teachers who were involved in planning the event, the Ride Operator who was running the ride at the time, Senior Park Management on what safety systems were in place.

The Barrister for Evha's family said: "The family does not want this inquest postponed any further but it does seem the HSE has had a long time to investigate and it's of particular importance that decision they take is made as soon as possible." 

The ride has remained closed and has now been fenced off so you can't go towards the photo booth of the ride.

In addition, the entrance to Shockwave was moved prior to the HSE investigation.

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We still send out our support to the family of this terrible incident and hope they get closure on this inquest!