Braintree Police Department: "Postpone crimes until monday"
5 months ago 166 Doron

"We are asking anyone thinking of COMMITTING criminal activity to hold off"

Following the major heatwave, the Braintree ( a city in Massachusetts) police department has politely asked anyone who is planning on committing any criminal activity to postpone their plans until Monday. 

"Stay home, blast the A/C, Binge Strangers things, play with the face app, practice karate in your basement. We will all meet again on Monday when it's cooler."

According to their facebook post, conducting any criminal activity in these weather conditions is "next level henchmen status and very dangerous".


According to the National Weather Station (NWS), The central states will be getting extremely hot weather and citizens should read through the heat safety instructions and use them. 

100F - 105F = 38C - 40C

This heatwave has already taken the life of at least 6 citizens, and won't be calming down until Monday. 

According to statistics, some homes don't even have air conditioning, therefore, some cities opened special rooms to cool down.

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