Tay-K Under Arrest for House Invasion and Robbery
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TAY-K ARRESTED for house invasion in 2016

Tay-K has been arrested and charged this morning with the murder of Ethan Walker and Zachery Beloate, back in 2016 during a house invasion and attempted robbery. 

Taymor Travon McIntyre is only 19 and has been bailed out of situations before and was in the clear. Police believe that Taymor has been guilty of charges against him before but they have allowed him bail and wander free. After time passed the investigation lead to believe that two young boys named Ethan Walker aged 21 and Zachery Beloate aged 19 were the victims of Taymor's crime. 

Taymor has been on house arrest after the robbery but later he had the audacity to cut off his Remote Ankle Tracker and fleeing home shortly after the arrest. Later Tay-K released a single called "The Race" which is trending in the USA and EU countries. 

An image of Tay-K being in USA Crown Courts 
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Taymor Travor has been sentenced to 99 years imprisonment and will be charged with Murder.

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