Swearing is good for your health
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A Ukrainian Health Minister says that swearing is good for your health

Ulana Suprun, Ukrainian acting health minister says that swearing is good for your health, here's why.

Ulana says that it can build up good relationships and that it can also add up too "good emotional contact."

She was commenting about this because there was a new law, which aims to stop public figures from swearing in the media.

It says that if television figures swear on TV or in public speeches, they could be fined up to 1,275 Ukrainian hryvnias.


Scientist Emma Byrne, also says how swearing is good for you.

She says that swearing can make us less prone to violence, help us bond with others, and improves our mental health.

She also says that we shouldn't call it "bad language" either.

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5 months ago
Honestly, "bad words" are just words, they have only been dubbed inappropriate by society. As long as they're not used hatefully, it should be allowed.