Formula One - British Grand Prix - Home Win!
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On Sunday 14th July 2019, the Formula One British Grand Prix was held at Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire.

Part of the Formula One calendar for 50 years, the 1007th Formula One Grand Prix was dramatic, exciting, and had a great result for the home crowd.

I was lucky enough to be at the Grand Prix, and witnessed the exciting race, filled with teammate rivalry, team rivalry, and even a few spins, clips and sparks flying!


Silverstone Circuit, located near the villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury in Northamptonshire welcomed back the prestigious motorsport series, days after signing a contract to extend the Formula One races at Silverstone until 2024.

There has been many rumours and speculations about the British Grand Prix transferring to a street-race in London, the UK's capital, however, this will not be happening in the next five years.

Saturday's Qualifying & Starting Grid:

Let's rundown the starting grid from Saturday's qualifying sessions to the final result after the 52 lap race.

The home crowd, supporting the homegrown heroes of Formula One, Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, and George Russel was shocked when Lewis Hamilton, the current leader of the championship failed to grab pole position for the Sunday race.

Separated by just six-thousandths of a second, Hamilton's teammate, Valtteri Bottas qualified first in a time of 1:25:093, Hamilton closely following with 1:25:099. The Mercedes team has been grabbing poles and podiums for the whole championship, with their home base in Milton Keynes, just 30 minutes down the road, they celebrated the 1-2 for the team.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc qualified third with 1:25:172, with his teammate Sebastian Vettel qualifying a disappointing 6th. Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly qualified 4th and 5th respectively. 

The Brit's Lando Norris for McLaren qualified a whopping 8th and George Russel for Williams qualifying 19th. 


Sunday's Race:

Raceday had arrived.

With the "Silver Arrows" of Mercedes on the front row of the grid, the atmosphere was pressured for Hamilton, who wanted to win the race.

As the lights went out, drama had already happened within the first lap, with the two Haas boys, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen had a small touch, resulting in both having to pit.

This small incident, unfortunately, ended up with both cars retiring from the race, both receiving a DNF result.

While all of this was taking place, Hamilton and Bottas were battling it out well ahead of the rest of the grid for first place, with many occasions where Hamilton went in for an attempt overtake but failed to succeed in his efforts numerous times, especially with help from DRS.

Lewis Hamilton while behind Bottas is setting fastest laps again and again, hopeful for the overtake. 

Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Ferrari's Charles Leclerc are also battling it out for position 3, with many chances taken and given away. 

On Lap 17, Bottas pits from the lead, coming back out in third, behind Hamilton and Vettel, who has surprisingly jumped up from 6th to 2nd. 

On Lap 20, Giovinazzi, unfortunately, spins out, and ends up in the gravel, resulting in him having to retire and receive a DNF at Silverstone. The safety car is deployed while the track marshals work on removing the car from the gravel and field.

During this time under the safety car, Hamilton pits but still leads ahead in first. 

Many passes happen in the mid-field of the grid, while in Lap 38, Verstappen is being chased by Vettel, which results in Vettel going straight into the back of Verstappen, and goes flying. Vettel's car receives a lot of damage and required to pit for a new front wing.

He comes out of the pits in 17th place, while Verstappen holds his position of 5th.

The incident is put under investigation by the race director. 


Later on, the incident comes back from race control, resulting in a 10 second time penalty for  Vettel for causing a collision. 

Lap 50, and 51 roll in with Hamilton still in first position with an impressive lead on Valtteri Bottas, with Charles Leclerc solidly holding third position.

Lap 52, and Hamilton crosses the Finish Line, with the Checkered Flag being flown by Stormzy, winning his sixth British Grand Prix, setting a new record for most British Grand Prix's won by a single person.

Hamilton is definitely on for winning the 2019 Formula One Championship, what do you think?
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