7/11 Gains Popularity from a Netflix Show
5 months ago 78 Death_The_Kid

7/11 Gains Popularity From A Netflix Show

Netflix show, Stranger Things, has been popular for years, but in one episode a character (Alexi) dies after winning a carnival game.

You may be asking, why does this concern 7/11?

Well, he prefers Cherry Slurpees, instead of Strawberry, and he makes a fuss about how he didn't get Cherry when Hopper brings him Strawberry.

This ever since became a viral vengeance campaign, and teenagers on Social Media have been getting Cherry Slurpees for the character since.


Netflix also made a comment on Twitter about 7/11 Day (July 11th), saying to get a free Slurpee for Alexi.

Ever since people on Social Media has marked July 11th, Alexi Day.

Some people go as far as saying that they will buy Cherry Slurpees every day until Season 4 comes out.

But now the character should know that people are drinking Cherry Slurpees for him, while he is in Heaven.

Were you drinking Cherry Slurpees on Alexi Day?
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