EasyJet 'misled' passengers during Gatwick shutdown
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EASYJET cancelled 41 FLIGHTS on Wednesday and Thursday

EasyJet has been accused of misleading passengers over their legal right to hotel rooms after a suspension of flights caused disruption at Gatwick.

41 flights were cancelled and 26 diverted due to a problem in the airport's control tower on Wednesday.

Near the end of the day, a letter in which EasyJet said it could not offer accommodation to many customers, many were left stranded at the airport over-night. 

The letter to customers

(The letter said the cause of disruption was classed as "extraordinary")

Ryan Bateman, 37, a passenger of EasyJet, slept in the airport after receiving the letter when his flight to Berlin was cancelled on Wednesday night.

EasyJet said it had directly booked 200 hotel rooms and the letter was issued in addition to information on an app and a leaflet. 

Lawyer Coby Benson, of Bott and Co, said he believed the letter which stated that they couldn't accommodate passengers was "misleading and does not fully inform passengers of their rights."

A spokesman said the letter was written "with good intentions" but "did not make it clear that accommodation costs and expenses would be dealt with by EasyJet."

He said: "In order to prevent this happening in the future EasyJet will provide a letter making it very clear of the case and how they will operate to ensure that all passengers understand."

Under EU law, airlines do not have to compensate passengers for delays if they were the result of "extraordinary circumstances."


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5 months ago
Technically they should be offering accommodation, food vouchers etc due to delays. Passengers should receive compensation for the delays.