Japan’s Space Success
5 months ago 113 Chris

Japanese spacecraft lands on an asteroid

A Japanese spacecraft, Hayabusa-2, has landed on an asteroid for the 2nd time since February, with an aim to collect rocks and other materials that could help modern-day scientists to understand more about the formation of the ever-changing Solar System.


In February, the Japanese probe was said to have created an explosion on the asteroid in order to create a crater on the asteroid so that we could extract a pristine source of the substance that is believed to be a primitive rock from the early years of the Solar System.

Scientists have not previously been able to know or explore the conditions of the early galaxy and it is thought that the discovery of this rock will allow us to understand this more in the future. It is thought that the asteroid is 4.5 million years old. 

The asteroid is said to be around 900m wide and could be as far as 180 million miles away from Earth.

This could be a major gateway for Science as Asteroids could not only tell us about the start of the Solar System but could also be used for mining precious metals that are found on them, with many companies looking into the opportunity in the near future.

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