Usher wants herpes accuser sanctioned
5 months ago 109 Gody

Who has said this?

According to Usher, a woman has been accusing him of having 'herpes' and exposing it to her.

Herpes is a simplex contagious virus where 'herpes sores' are formed which can also be named as 'leisons', they look like ulcers, vesicles or sores.

The female goes by the name Jane Doe, which has been filled on the court fill-out.

She is one of the women accusing him of failing to inform any partners he involves himself in a sexual way that he has the infection.

A lawyer of Usher has tested the woman known as Jane Doe, with her accusations, Jane refused to answer any questions given about the STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) claims, with this her legal representative citing invasion of privacy, these are according to documents from The Blast. 


There is yet to be a decision made by the judge on these claims and accusations, from court papers we know Usher's lawyers have argued the so-called victim refusals as they were based on two objections.

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