Festival charges white people to pay DOUBLE for festival ticket
5 months ago 110 SharkyBoii

People have taken to social media and protests to express their utter disgust at the festival ORGANISERS

An art and music festival in Detroit, USA has charged white people attending the festival DOUBLE than non-white people, labelling the tickets on their website 'Early Bird POC' (meaning Person Of Colour) and 'Early Bird NONPOC' (meaning Non-Person Of Colour).

The POC ticket was $10 whereas the NONPOC ticket was $20. 

Tiny Jag, a rapper performing at the event, has pulled out, expressing her outrage and insisting the festival, called AfroFuture Fest, to remove her name from all promotional material and headlines for the controversial festival. The rapper said she was immediately enraged as she is 'biracial' and a lot of her material and art and music is inspired by her grandmother, who is white. 

She told Metro Times;

  How do you want me to come to a performance and perform these songs off a mixtape that is titled after this white woman that you would have charged double to get in here? Like, it’s just outrageous from so many different angles.” 

The festival organisers claim that their ticket structure was created to ensure that ethnic minorities in Black Detroit are provided with an 'equitable chance' at enjoying events in their own community. 


Many people agree with the organisers' opinion on giving back to the minorities that are still traditionally less well off than white people in America but many say it is a huge step back on equality, no matter the circumstances. 

Huge backlash has caused the festival to change ticket prices to the same for all skin colours.

What do you think of the festival's ticket structure?
completely a step back from equality or giving back to the afro and minorities in the usa?
 let us know in the comments below! 

5 months ago
#Racism right there.