Stevie Wonder is receiving a Kidney Transplant
5 months ago 75 Chris

Stevie wonder reveals he will have a kidney transplant

Stevie Wonder is well known globally for his vast contribution to music.

He is behind hits such as ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’ and ‘Superstition’ and has also helped to write songs with artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston; however, he recently announced that he would be stepping back from performing in a bid to try and make a full recovery to health.


Wonder, 69, made the announcement after his set at ‘British Summer Time Hyde Park.'

He said that he had managed to find a kidney donor whilst telling the crowd that he hoped by being open about his medical condition it would stop rumours from spreading through the media amid concerns that he was going to start Dialysis treatment.

Fans originally appeared as if they were shocked; however, moments later there was an eruption of applause after they had realised that Wonder would be ok and that he is only taking care of his health.

He said that he appreciates all the love and support that his fans give him, and he wanted to share that by performing at the festival; however, he felt as if he had to announce it. 

Prior to the concert, there was a mass concern for Stevie after he had said to Detroit Free Press that he was dealing with a “serious but manageable” health issue and he was trying his best to solve it.

The source even stated that Stevie had his own, personal medical team on tour with him. 

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