Avicii’s father speaks out about Suicide
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Avicii’s father speaks out about tragic death of his son.

It was only in April of 2018 that Avicii died in Oman in an eventually known act of Suicide; however, recently, Avicii’s father decided to speak out about his son’s struggles to provide help and support to those who need it now and urged us not to let his late son’s suicide leave an everlasting impact on his work that changed a generation of music. 


Talking to CNN, Klas Bergling said that he had previously been involved in ‘long talks’ with his son about his struggles with mental health. Klas also believed that Tim’s decision to commit suicide wasn’t thought through and it was more of a “traffic accident”, where many problems hit him at once.

The Bergling family have since set up ‘the Tim Bergling Foundation’ in order to ‘focus on mental health and prevent suicide’. They believe that if Tim had received help in the early stages, it would have saved him from his later stages of depression and anxiety and therefore, would have saved him from his eventual suicide. 

Despite his death, there is a long legacy left by Avicii. He originally broke through by creating remixes of popular songs but started to create a name for himself through the release of his first song ‘Levels’. He experienced a large rise to stardom with songs such as ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Hey Brother’; however, it is claimed that this quick change in his life was actually the cause for his depression and he quit touring 2 years before his tragic suicide. 

His third album was released after his death in 2019. It includes many songs such as “SOS” and “Heaven”. 

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Avichii's music inspired me alot and gave me motivation. Its sad that the world had to lose such an amazing talent.