Cloudflare Bug Causes Major Problems
5 months ago 96 Doron

Cloudflare Bug Causes Major Problems


On Tuesday 2nd July 2019, a lot of websites were to experience downtime.

This was caused by the DDoS Protection company "Cloudflare."

 At first, the assumptions were that Cloudflare was being attacked.

This made a lot of sense, people were to check the Cloudflare attack map, and this is what the map indicated:


For those who do not understand, each line is a computer that is trying to access their servers, this is what a DDoS attack means - way too many requests for the server to handle. 


After a few hours of issues, Matthew Prince (The CEO) has tweeted that the company is aware of the issue and then 20 minutes later they have mitigated the issue.

Cloudflare neither had evidence nor proof that the outage was an attack, although the community was pretty sure it was. 

After some tweets, pressuring them to find the suspects, Prince has replied that it is probably not an attack. 

What happened next?

Cloudflare blames "bad software deployment" for the outage, and they clarified that it was not an attack.

“Massive spike in CPU usage caused primary and backup systems to fall over. Impacted all services. No evidence yet attack related. Shut down service responsible for CPU spike and traffic back to normal levels. Digging into the root cause.”

what do you think would happen if the outage was for another few days?
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