Stormzy apologises for false claim
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Stormzy apologises for false claim

Stormzy has recently apologised for a false claim in which he stated he was the 'first black British artist to headline Glastonbury.'

He topped the bill on the Pyramid stage on Friday, and tweeted that he was overwhelmed with emotions, later, he was corrected by a band called Skunk Anansie who replied saying they beat him in 1999.

The band also went on to say 'Wishing you an awesome nite tho, Kill it! You're amazing and we're all very proud...
The real question is why it took 20 years!


Where did he apologise?

Stormzy took to Twitter on Monday to apologise for the false claim he made and set it right!

He tweeted: 'Skin from Skunk Anansie was actually the first black artist to headline at Glasto she done it with her band in 1999, no disrespect intended and MASSIVE salute to you!


Stormzy also thanked those who appeared on stage with him, they included: Chris Martin, Dave and Fredo and finally Raleigh Ritchie.

Do you think this a simple mistake or should he of checked first?
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Why do people feel they need to apologize for this
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