Spice Girl member considers quitting over world tour plans
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Geri Horner considering quitting the spice girls

Back in the 2000s, The Spice Girls were considered one of the best girl bands of all time and there have been rumours that they want to take Spice World internationally.

Geri Horner or as she is commonly known within The Spice Girls as Ginger Spice is considering quitting the band after doing it for the first time in 21 years.

An individual has reported to The Sun that "She doesn't really want to be away from her kids for any long stretches and just feels like it might not be worthwhile" and the reports were from an insider. 


After confirming last year that they will be reuniting without Victoria Beckham an ex-member of the girl band.

She was called Posh Spice, they have recently toured throughout the UK and Ireland.

Mel B has said that she is not happy with Victoria for not being available to see The Spice Girls whilst on their reunion tour.

Victoria was not available whilst the tour was ongoing due to her being at Sergio Ramos and wasn't attending any of the shows at Wembley Stadium.

Mel B or as she was known as Scary Spice has said that she could understand that Victoria was busy but was disappointed not to see her at a show.

Should she leave the band or not? 
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