Popular YouTuber AmazingPhil comes out as gay
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Who is AmazingPhil?

AmazingPhil is a popular YouTuber throughout the community, his real name is Phil Lester.

Phil is from England and was born on 30th January 1987, which makes him 32 years old at this current moment in time.

Phil was born in Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire, England.

He is mainly known through his YouTube channels; AmazingPhil, which has over 4 million subscribers and DanAndPhilGAMES videos were made with a frequent collaborator Daniel Howell who also recently came out as gay. 

Phil coming out as gay

Published on the 30th June 2019, Phil published a video on his YouTube channel AmazingPhil titled;

'Coming Out To You.'

He begins the video where at the start Phil said; "I'm Gay."

But once after that Phil had gone into more detail about the whole situation, Phil states he was gay around 12 years old, he claimed; "I was on a beach and saw a beautiful hot shirtless guy walking past me with his stunning girlfriend, and I think most of my guy friends were like I wanna be him, and I was like wow I wanna kiss him."

But due to attitudes around Phil in his younger life, Phil thought he was born wrong, once he started a new song he wanted to keep this on the "down-low" as it might be a phase or he may grow out of this, but Phil grew into it. He also stated he pretended to like girls so he wasn't high profile towards other peers.


Phil describes he would feel left out when he'd see his friends have their `first kisses` and `first girlfriends` which made Phil feel left out and weird, he felt like trying to be straight would magically help him and turn him straight, he wasn't bothered about kisses from girls.

He claims he feels really guilty when being gay, but there's nothing wrong with it, but an instinct of it made Phil feel guilty so he doesn't let anyone know.

Phil, later on, went to the University of York, where he thought he could start a `new life` totally new town, new friends, new haircuts, he thought university campuses would be better as some of them may have LGBT areas where he would be able to meet people with the same sexuality as him.

Phil decided he wanted to go onto a dating site and set up a profile, but later on, one of Phil's friends found him on the dating site, his friend screenshotted it and sent it to all his friends.

He added them all into a group and told them all he was gay, they were all fine with it and Phil claims he was lucky to have them as friends for accepting him. 

Phil is happy that most people now know, and he went on to say that some of the older generations have been taught that being gay or being in any part of the LGBT community is bad, but people are gradually becoming more accepting, the reason people are having these thoughts is because of all these `cultural teachings` going around making people think different about gays. 

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