Rapper Slim 400 undergoes surgery after being shot multiple times
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Who is Slim?

Slim 400 is a rapper who at the current state of time is 31 years of age, Slim was born on June 21st, 1988, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Slim 400 is an American rapper and music producer, Slim has been best known for his single "Brusin" which featured YG and Sad Boy Loko.

Though Slim was born in Frankfurt, Germany the rapper grew up in Compton, California, along with this, Slim also attended Morningside High School.


Slim 400 was shot over eight times in his hometown Compton, California around 8:30pm on Friday night, this was June 28th.

Police had received a call where shots were being fired in the area, once the police had arrived on the scene Slim 400 was found covered in gunshot wounds.

Following this Slim was then rushed to Los Angles hospital where Slim had to undergo surgery.

But the good news is that Slim is now recovering with a friend and fellow rapper, YG, who also starred in his single "Brusin", at his bedside. 

YG Slim 400

Not much is known about the shooting or anything to do with why it had happened, many reports have claimed that a possible involvement of a black vehicle was used in the incident, this black vehicle was said to have fled from the scene once police had arrived.

Our best wishes go out to Slim 400!
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