A new issue was found in the 737 MAX
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a new issue was found in the 737 max series

After a recent simulator exercise on a Boeing 737 MAX, the FAA found a new issue in the 737 MAX series. 

According to the FAA, this new issue makes the plane sink automatically mid-flight. 
To fix this issue they will be adding at least 1 to 3 more months until the plane could get back in the skies.

Boeing 737

The 737 MAX was involved in 2 deadly crashes, one in Indonesia (189 deaths) and another one in Ethiopia (157 deaths).  

This plane has already built a very bad reputation, so this new fatal error doesn't look well for Boeing. 

FAA tweet

"The FAA will lift the aircraft's protection order when we deem it is safe to do so."

 The FAA said in a statement. 

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6 months ago
Airbus right now is like Yeeeeees.
6 months ago
Boeing need to really sort their shit out... - Airbus FTW!