Is Arabella pregnant?
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Is Love Islander Arabella pregnant?

Love Island fans are questioning if Arabella is pregnant.

Arabella has recently arrived in the Love Island villa and she has already caused some drama.

She was in a love triangle involving Danny and Yewande.

A couple of days ago, Danny chose to couple up with Arabella meaning Yewande is dumped from the island.

But the question on everyone's mind is...

Is Arabella pregnant?

Love Island fans are wondering if she is indeed pregnant because recent sources have shown Arabella modelling for the ASOS Maternity Clothing Line.


But the rumours are false, as Arabella is only wearing a prosthetic stomach.

Arabella is not a 'secret' mother either.

In Love Island, Arabella doesn't mention much about her job but she's known to be a model.

But little did people know she's also been in Justice League and Wonder Woman as an Amazonian.

Before entering the villa, Arabella mentioned what her type was and that would be someone like...

Jason Momoa, Arabella had this to say;

"I did a film with him. Justice League and Wonder Woman. We had to train with him. I was an Amazonian. I remember this guy bear crawling towards me and I was like, oh my god, he is so hot."

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