RAF Fighter Jets: Scrambled
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Miscommunication Between Air Traffic Control & Cockpit Leads To 2 RAF Fighter Jets Being Scrambled

The Jet2 flight that left Stanstead Airport on Saturday evening was heading towards Turkey. Allegedly, there was some disruptive behaviour halfway through the flight from a middle-aged woman, who was expected to be under the influence of alcohol, they were redirected back towards Stanstead.

The person/people to blame for the incident would be Air Trafic Control when they misinterpreted what the Jet2 pilot said over the radio. Air Trafic Control misunderstood the statement "Flight deck secure, cockpit door not compromised." 


It appeared the Jet2 crew were trying to reassure the Air Traffic Control, but it did not go quite right!! The Air Traffic Control thought they stated someone had compromised the cockpit door, but in reality, it was quite the opposite!

But, it was enough for Air Trafic Control to alert the RAF. Within 2 minutes 2 RAF Typhoon Fighters were airborne. Luckily, the incident only caused minor delays to flights.

According to local reports, a lot of the houses shook and thought it was an explosion, so 999 received a flood of calls from people who occupied the houses near Stanstead Airport.

Jet2 has not commented on this recent situation, nor has NATs the people in-charge of Air Traffic Control at Stanstead Airport. The 25-year-old woman was reportedly arrested when the Jet2 flight landed at London Stanstead.

Do you think air trafic control over-DRAMATISED the situation? comment below!

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ATC needs a Hearing Test!
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All I gotta say is; Oh dear!